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Facebook is the new Web

9 Nov

Meanwhile, in the future…

Open the lid of your Facebook laptop (which is a netbook, but with Facebook OS), or turn on your Facebook phone, or put channel Facebook in your Smart TV. Do everything (in Facebook, of course). Done.

Really. Name one thing you can’t get on Facebook: E-mail. Oh, wait.

Chris Messina wrote an excellent post about the death of the URL. I think I would go a step further and think about the death of the Web. No bookmarks. No searching. Everybody wants whatever is relevant now: if your website doesn’t show up among the conversations, it probably doesn’t worth a visit. Period.

Sitting in front of your computer and opening Facebook is the new sitting in front of your TV and zapping through the channels.

Where Open ID failed, Facebook Connect succeeded. Where AOL failed, Facebook succeeded.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Facebook launching a browser next year.

Update: according to comScore, Facebook took the lead in time spent:

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